How embedded comments work


Comment gets posted.

Comments always include a timestamp.


Listener reaches the comment's timestamp.


Text comment => notification.


Voice comment => app will play it.

Then show will resume.

Q: Can it be turned off?

A: Yes. Both group admins and users can control which comments get played, if any.

Q: How do you control which comments get played?

A: You can choose to filter comments for only voice or text, or filter by person. This can be different for each group you're in.

Groups admins choose the default settings.

After joining the group, members can change their settings.

Q: Will there be more settings for which comments get played?

A: Absolutely. I want to add options to filter comments by upvote count, #hashtags, comments highlighted by group admins, and maybe more!

Q: How do I post links at a certain timestamp?

A: Just post a normal text comment with the link included.