Host Getting Started Checklist

Create your PodTalk group

Name it whatever you like (but must be unique).

Add a picture

Add a welcoming announcement

Include a link to your homepage, twitter, and any ground rules for the group.

Pin it.

Add the latest episodes from your show to the group playlist

Add a couple comments

Show listeners you really do plan on talking with them.

Voice comments are better than text.

Fill out your user profile

Make sure to add your own picture and bio.

Keep your account as public if you'd like to share your podcast subscriptions with listeners.

Check the group default notifications.

These are the notification settings listeners will start with when they join your group.

Check the group default rights.

This determines what group members can do in the group (edit the playlist, make comments, etc.)

Share your invite link

For public groups, anyone can join with the same invite link.

For private groups, you'll need a separate invite link per person. (One-time redeemable)

Get ideas on how you to use your group.

Check out the PodTalk Assets

This has the PodTalk logo and some example copy of how to announce your PodTalk group on your show.

Tell listeners!

Make sure to announce it on your show!

Use every social media outlet you have an account for.

Tell me your pain points

PodTalk has a long way to go. Let me know which parts were confusing.